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Dogs Eating Grass: Why Do They Do It And Is It Safe?

Dogs love to chew on and eat all sorts of things. While you are outside playing or walking around you may notice that your dog enjoys chewing on all the grass. Our Tracy vets talk about why your dog may be eating grass, and whether or not it's safe or good for them.

Why might my dog be eating grass?

Physical Reasons For Dogs Eating Grass

For dogs, grass is an easily accessible source of fiber that makes a great addition to their diet.

Roughage is an extremely necessary part of your dog's diet as it increases your dog's ability to digest food effectively and pass stool, so eating grass may actually be an effort to help their bodies function more smoothly.

Even so, if your dog is also experiencing digestive issues along with eating grass then there may be underlying conditions to consider. Visit your vet so that they can rule out any medical issues, or provide treatment.

Psychological Reasons For Dogs Easting Grass

If your dog has become bored or anxious then they may turn to eat things such as grass in order to relieve these feelings.

Although most dogs have no problem keeping themselves occupied when outside, some will eventually get bored when alone and will nibble on the grass to pass the time.

Anxious dogs may eat grass as a sort of mindless comfort, much in the same way some people chew their fingernails. Many people notice that their dogs eat more grass when they're feeling bored, lonely, or anxious.

If you think your dog is eating grass for psychological reasons, there are several possible solutions.

For dogs with separation anxiety, an old t-shirt or blanket with your familiar scent may provide comfort while you're away.

A puzzle toy can provide mental stimulation for bored dogs. If your dog is more active, more frequent walks and strenuous play sessions may be beneficial. And for dogs that require socialization with other dogs, doggie daycare or visits to the dog park may be in order.

Is it safe for my dog to eat grass?

Unless your dog is eating grass excessively or showing signs of stomach upset, and as long as they are on consistent parasite prevention, eating grass is perfectly safe, and nothing to worry about.

Please ensure that there are no fertilizers, pesticides, or herbicides used on the grass that your dog eats, as this can be dangerous.

Are you concerned with how much grass your dog is eating? Please contact our Tracy veterinary clinic today if you would like to have your dog examined and discuss their grass-eating habits.

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